Every digital execution is designed around 3 basic principles.

“What’s in it for me!” It’s the question that we all ask when it comes to any interaction or effort we make. It might be a pay check, it might be a convenience, or it might be an opportunity that can grow and change our perspective on what we do. At CYK we lead every effort, in a user centric perspective to deliver what they are looking for, when then need it and strive to make access to simple, convenient and designed to fit the medium its delivered.

User centric design is understanding more than the device or the content we have to deliver, but the ecosystem of community, and connections that effect our views and perceptions of each interaction. In that, CYK weaves interactions that connect all participants socially with games, rally cries as well as one-on-one conversations and personal touches designed to make it matter.  

Every day we see more and more companies driving results with game mechanics we all can appreciate. Whether you are using your smart watch to count our steps, or push to earn the next level in your frequent flyers program, gamification motivates us to change our behaviors. CYK takes advantage of gamification through intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to move users to accomplish the objectives that hit your bottom line.