it's simple
think. dream. build. track.

Every digital execution is designed around 3 basic principles.

Design Thinking

You’ve heard begin with the end in mind, well at CYK we have been across that finish line countless times and have honed our ability to make sure that the results match exceed your goal. Every strategy session understanding barriers, technical and emotional to drive behavioral change for your teams and customers.

User Experience

Aim small, miss small. Building the right solution, means centering the solution around every user. Focusing on the small details, crafting and shaping your user’s experience to be flawless.

User Journeys

Every user, every moment that we connect has an effect on the overall buy in and commitment from our users. CYK works closely with you and your teams to understand and recommend the best engagements to give your users the optimal experience to drive the best performance.

Crafted digital solution

No matter the challenge, our team of solution architects have listened and distilled needs into scalable, sustainable and impactful solutions. Each project is unique, so having a specialist on your side allow you to get the right product for your business.

Measure Everything

So far beyond standard analytics, we track every interaction of your solution. We then analyze those results to deliver reports on more than just logins, or page visits. Start with a plan, live by the results.

A few Capabilities


Leveraging game mechanics to drive behaviors and engagement


Understanding your business objectives and creating solutions to deliver on performance

user experience design

Understanding your business objectives and creating solutions to deliver on performance


Virtual rooms/trade shows, built to bring to life your space, so users can interact with your experience


Create, analyze, revise and repeat. We hone your site, until we craft the experience that is right for your users


Impact matters, wether at an event or your home page, we create stories that reflect your brand


CYK leverage the top CMS strategies to put the power in your hands, with training and support


Brand stories are at the core of everything we do, to reflect your ideals and mission in everything we do